© 2017 by Laura Parker, MFT

My work is rooted in awe

for the way a seed

becomes a flower

and all life seeks to become

that which it was meant to be. 



My style is warm, interactive, playful, intuitive, challenging, and experiential. Through building inner resources and strengths, I will gently nudge you out of your familiar comfort zone and into new experiences that will expand your sense of who you are and what is possible for you.

My Approach

Because you are unique and unprecedented our work will necessarily  meet you where you are. The relationship between client and therapist is the single most important element in clinical practice. That said, all therapeutic perspectives and techniques rest on the foundation of a trusting, respectful, attuned, responsive, and authentic relationship. My work weaves together diverse threads of personal explorations and professional training, including psychodynamic, somatic, Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, mindfulness, neuroscience, CBT, nature connection, yoga, meditation, spirituality, indigenous perspectives, and work with the deep imagination.

For more detailed information about the influences in my work, please click on the links below.