© 2017 by Laura Parker, MFT

Therapy starts with a safe,
non-judgmental place
where you can begin
to relax ...

When we come to the work

with an eye toward the aesthetic,

we extend a courtesy to the psyche

that recognizes beauty even

in what is difficult.

Now the work can begin.

- Francis Weller

Therapy can help you to let go of limiting patterns; to love, accept and express your true self more; and to engage more wholeheartedly in your life and relationships.


Whether you struggle with a traumatic loss, relationship conflict, compulsive behavior, overwhelming emotion, or toxic thoughts - the root of your problem is unresolved pain that is stuck and needs healing. Pain that has not been fully experienced or integrated; has not flowed through like a wild river; but has been dammed, diverted, or forced underground.


Whether this pain is old or new, it has not completed itself because you have not been connected to the inner or outer resources needed to meet it and hold it. None of this is your fault. Therapy helps develop your relationship with your inner strengths and abilities so that you can change and grow.

Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." I agree with Einstein. Therefore, I believe that therapy is most powerful when it creates opportunities to step outside your automatic ways of engaging with life.

In the big picture, I seek to understand and help human suffering in the context that all life on earth naturally moves towards health and realization of innate potential. I believe that the more we honor (with gratitude and humility) our complete immersion and belonging in the web of life, the more we embody the earth’s enormous vitality, wisdom, insight, creativity, resilience, and impetus towards wholeness.  This expanded connection sends beneficial ripples to all beings in all directions